#NoFilter Interview w/ SC artist: Sarah Ko

Sarah writing for Burberry's Christmas live event '16

Sarah writing for Burberry's Christmas live event '16

Kickstarting our series #NoFilter Artist Interview in tandem with our upcoming month long residency [CHANGE], we have our team's calligrapher Sarah Ko sharing a little about her calligraphy journey thus far, and the unknown sides you did not know of Sarah! *Cues wine *

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have always had an interest in Western typefaces. It all started when I wanted to take part in InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) which coincidentally happens every February. To me, it was a waste that my envelopes looked so plain and I wanted to jazz them up a little. That was how I began looking into snail mail decor, and the slippery slope into calligraphy.

Is (or are) there any artist(s) that you admire, or may have influenced the work that you do today? 

My colleagues within Scribblers Collective are some of the most talented, dedicated and inspiring artists I have been privileged to know, with a myriad of different strengths. 
Further from home, I admire the work of Schin Loong (@openinkstand), Sachin Shah (@sachinspiration), and of course, Sebastian Lester (@seblester), who are all immensely proficient and accomplished artists - not only in calligraphy, but in other crafts as well.

Describe a typical practice session? 

I switch on some chill hop music and start with drills. I like to copy long texts for practice, or pangrams. My favourite pangram for practice is "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs", which is coincidentally the shortest and most efficient pangram with only six repeated letters.

What is the hardest aspect about learning lettering/calligraphy?

Finding the time for practice as life catches up, and perfecting one hand before being tempted to move onto another. Also, resisting the urge to collect all the tools. I have 2 sets of parallel pens and a box full of paints and ink!

Tell us one (or a few) unknown fact about yourself

I refrained from caffeine for several years in order to prevent shaky hands as I felt it would affect my writing. However, as of 2017, I am a coffee drinker. It has not affected me so far (fingers crossed).


Find out more about Sarah and our team's works during our Open Sessions held at library@Orchard held in tandem with our Art Residency here or our upcoming calligraphy workshops over at workshops.sc.sg

Nichole Tin