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From thin to thick (creating shades)

I have just emerged from my metaphorical jungle of Youtube videos. For the sake of humanity, I have watched countless videos on "how to use a pointed pen".

While most of these videos are comprehensive and well thought of, they all seem to fly over one point that I think is quite important—when it comes to creating shades, they instruct the viewer to "push down" or "add pressure". 

That is technically correct. However, we have to take into account that most calligraphy beginners would have been using ball point pens.

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Self-learning Calligraphy

As a calligrapher in Singapore, I often have to meet clients to show them samples of work and to get a feel of what they like and dislike.

It is no secret that calligraphers in Singapore are a rare bunch, and it is often the first time these clients are speaking to a calligrapher. Hence, this question is bound to pop up during the first few minutes of conversation:

“I saw your beautiful work! I love it! Did you learn calligraphy yourself?”

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