Mummyfique: Mother's Day Luncheon 2017


TEAM MEMBERS : John F, Sarah K, Rachel K, Nichole T





Event Stationery


We were chosen by Mummyfique as event partners to provide stationery for a Mother's Day luncheon they were hosting. The brief was simple: Provide a quote-artwork for each guest with the theme "Blush and Beautiful".

We proposed a stationery set instead, comprising the artwork, a fully handwritten menu, and a place-card. We then selected a colour palette and mixed pigments to achieve the colour we desired.

To add texture to the pieces, we chose a 300gsm hot-pressed watercolour paper for all pieces, and hand-deckled the place cards for a rustic feel. 

After painting the artwork, we used the remaining paint to wash the place-cards for consistency. 

The pieces were done with a mix of scripts, including Modern, Spencerian, Roundhand, and Block Capitals.

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