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[Exhibition] #WorkInProgress - Reviving Western Calligraphy & Lettering at Library@Orchard

About the Exhibition

#WorkInProgress - Reviving Western Calligraphy & Lettering at Library@Orchard

Hand-writing—once ubiquitous, now obsolete and almost redundant. A group of calligraphers seeks to revive the dying art of western calligraphy and penmanship through education and inspiration. In this exhibition, they will showcase the production of several calligraphy pieces, displaying each step of the process in its raw and unedited form. This exhibition, like their vision of rekindling the interest in calligraphy, is a #WorkInProgress

Exhibition Period: 1st Nov - 10th Nov
Location: Library@Orchard
Time: 11am - 9pm daily

Scribblers Collective Artists involved: 

  • Sarah Ko

  • Aubrey Ilarde

  • Rachel Koh

  • Nathaniel Ong

  • Nichole Tin

  • John F.

Special Events:

  1. (4th Nov) Hello, Brush Calligraphy for Adults - Free Workshop Registration -

  2. (25th Nov) Design for Children: Fun with Lettering - Free Workshop Registration -

  3. (4th Nov) Live Wall Mural Lettering from 11am - 2:30pm by team member Nathaniel Ong