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(Public Talk - Singapore) Adornments in Calligraphy with Nichole Tin x library@orchard


Nichole Tin explores the decorative elements in The Book of Kells, a famous 9th century religious manuscript, and how its adornments influenced western calligraphy. She will also cover the evolution of western calligraphy from 17th to 19th century calligraphy into modern calligraphy, focusing on English Roundhand Copperplate and its flourishes.

A live-demonstration of simple flourishing will be held, followed by a taster session for participants to try their hand at flourishing on guided templates, using calligraphy holders and nibs. This session is suitable for beginners.

Sign up details for the session will be released soon.


Saturday, 2nd Februrary 2019
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Singapore, library@orchard (view map here)



Nichole @NicNKotori is the Scribblers Collective's Roundhand expert. She has spent countless hours studying the fine intricacies of the script, and has extensive experience with the dip pen. She also has an eye for detail in design, and is responsible for all visuals in the Scribblers Collective.