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[Workshop] Introduction to Calligraphy x Florals @ Keira Floral - Sold Out

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Write with rhythm and deliberate movements. Create strokes and share beautiful conversation with an intimate group of 6 over calligraphy and florals. Get all more attention from our resident Calligrapher and be surrounded by floral scents. All happening at Keira Floral.


Location: Keira Floral - See map here
Duration: 2 hours
Teacher: Nichole T -  See our Calligrapher's profile and Instagram here
Workshop size: 6 participants max. 
Workshop fee: $95/pax

DATES (2018)
Sunday, 20th Jan 2018 (11am - 1pm) - 6 slots only (with @nicnkotori)

DATES (2017)
Sunday, 1st Oct (2pm-4pm) - Sold Out
Sunday, 29th Oct (11am-1pm) - Sold Out
Sunday 29th Oct (2:30pm - 4:30pm) - Sold Out


In this primer workshop, you will be introduced to contemporary calligraphy. You will be given a set of tools to experiment and will be taught the basics of contemporary calligraphy based on pointed-pen styles.

In this session, you may choose to use any of the pens given to you to form basic words and letters. 

This workshop is structured as an opportunity to dip your toes into the waters of calligraphy. We will cover the basic letter forms, which are the building blocks of copperplate and modern calligraphy. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to write a simple quote with any of the tools provided.

MATERIALS (Take-home)

  • G nib (1)

  • Bottle of Higgins Eternal Ink - 30ml (1)

  • Oblique & Straight Dip Pen Holder (1)

  • Tombow Brush Pen (1)

  • Pentel Sign Brush Pen (1)

  • A5 Rhodia Pad (1)

  • Class Notes by SC (1 Set)

  • Practice Sheets by SC (1 set)


Already have the brush pens stated in the material list? Send us an email and we will exchange the brush pens on your material list for our other approved calligraphy supplies!