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[Live Event] DBS Christmas Celebration


Brand: DBS
Date: 6th and 7th Dec 2018
Location: DBS Offices
Type: Onsite Calligraphy services + DBS x Scribblers Collective Limited edition Christmas stationeries

Working directly with DBS, our artists are engaged for their live calligraphy services for DBS’s 2-day event and were commissioned to create a series of postcard designs for DBS x SC Christmas collaboration.

Nichole Profile pic.JPG

Nichole @NicNKotori is the Scribblers Collective's Roundhand expert. She has spent countless hours studying the fine intricacies of the script, and has extensive experience with the dip pen. She also has an eye for detail in design, and is responsible for all visuals in the Scribblers Collective. 

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Rachel @LetteringInPhosphenes is the Scribblers Collective's resident modern calligrapher and watercolourist. She is one of the most versatile modern calligraphers in Singapore, being adept in multiple variants of the script. 


Aubrey @Aubrey.ilarde is Scribblers Collective's principle Engrossers' Script calligrapher.