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[Art Residency] Calligraphy & Lettering Art Residency

Programme Details: 

1st Feb - 28th Feb 2018
Art Residency Studio Space (to be shared at a later date)
Art Residency

Program Synopsis:

Participating SC Artists: 

  • Sarah Ko

  • Aubrey Ilarde

  • Rachel Koh

  • Nathaniel Ong

  • Nichole T

  • John F

Residency Highlights

  • Display of Artworks throughout the month

  • See how our Calligraphy and lettering artists manages their day juggling between their passion for their craft and other commitments at the residency studio space.

  • Apprenticeship Open Call for the full month of Feb (where you will be guided by a mentor throughout the month at our residency studio space) - Full details to follow

Feel free to drop us an email to be on our mailing list to be updated about our residency and mentorship programmes. 

Open Studio Dates

(To be shared at a later date)