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[Mye De Leon] Osaka Chalkboard Lettering Workshop

One of our team members will be heading to Osaka in April! 


Date: 14th April 2018
Time: 10am - 1pm
Location: (Undisclosed)


Mye @myedeleon is the Scribblers Collective's Lettering expert and author of  Mastering Hand-Lettering. She specializes in traditional hand-drawn letters using pen and paper.  Known for her mastery of multiple letter styles, she has worked with various clients globally for a campaigns, advertising, posters, book covers, t-shirt designs, logotype designs to name a few. Mye is constantly sharing her knowledge in the art of hand-lettering thru in-person workshops, locally and abroad.

Find out more about her personal workshop and sign ups below:
Please contact: blackboard_labo for more details