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[Public Meet] Beginners' Table Public Gathering - FULL

Several members of the Scribblers Collective act as 'anchors' of Beginners Table, guiding participants in their calligraphy practices as our way of giving back to the calligraphy community. All Beginners Table sessions are free to attend but will require the public to sign up as seats are limited. Sign ups for our meet is on a first-come-first-serve basis. These meet ups are not a substitute for a proper workshop session as we normally get an overwhelming response at such meets and participants may/may not receive the amount of attention that is required during the gathering. More details about the meet below: 


Beginners' Table will meet on 7th April from 3.30-5pm. Sign up at Beginners' Table is an informal meet-up for calligraphy enthusiasts or those who want to explore different scripts before committing to a serious pursuit. Come one, come all! It's free! Sign-ups help us to organise and bring notes, holders, nibs and inks to lend those who do not have. :) Bring your friends, spouses, moms, dads, siblings, children and neighbours!


It's an informal calligraphy meet to share the love of lettering with people... those who want practice with guidance, or those who want to try out calligraphy before investing in serious pursuit.


'Anchors' host a table for various scripts (Copperplate, Italics, Brush, Modern, Engrossers, Spence), introduce newcomers to the tools, show folks how to use them, and answer questions as best we can. This is also a space to practice and do peer-learning. So, we bring our calli stuff to practice on. Share our works so others can give constructive comments. Look at the work of others and be inspired. Try out each other's holders, nibs, inks and papers (ask nicely, use with care). Some of us have spare holders and nibs to lend to folks who don't have their own tools. Beginners' Table is not a substitute for proper calligraphy lessons. People who provide calligraphy lessons may sometimes post their upcoming classes here. [Disclaimer: Allowing the posting of upcoming courses does not equate to an endorsement of the courses by the host or anchors of the Beginners' Table. You are advised to seek out reviews before you decide to sign up for any courses.]


We meet every two/three months, on a Sat afternoon from 3.30-5.30pm. We usually meet at Marina Square Cookhouse (Level 4 food court).