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(Nichole Tin) Tokyo - Introduction to Classical Pointed Pen Calligraphy with @nicnkotori

In August, our team member, Nichole, is heading to Tokyo! She will be conducting A Tokyo Workshop Retreat: Introduction to Classical Pointed Pen Calligraphy workshop, co-organised with her Japanese host, Cana. 

You can choose to attend: 

(1) Half-day sessions: Morning (Lowercase alphabets only) or Afternoon (Uppercase Alphabets only)
(2) Full day session: Morning to Afternoon (Lowercase + Uppercase alphabet study + Lunch outing together)

Sign up here:

Find the workshop descriptions below: 

In recent years, Copperplate calligraphy has been adopted as an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of pointed pen calligraphy styles that is very similar. The key differences between the scripts stem from reasons like origin, key historical events and more. This style is often favoured when legibility for the art piece/project is important. As such, we often see calligraphy (in Copperplate style) being adopted in wedding invites, envelope addressing or in formal correspondence - A large portion of calligraphy works we are being engaged to write for formal invitations/events, requires proficiency in this script. In this workshop retreat, we'll be conducting: 

Half Day sessions :  Pick either Minuscules (lowercase) or Majuscules (uppercase)

Full day session: Minuscules + Majuscules retreat where we study together the whole morning to evening and head down to the shops nearby for lunch together. 

Full description of the morning and afternoon workshops are detailed on the website.