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[Live Event] AMEX x Singapore International Festival of Arts


Brand: AMEX
Date: 11th May 2019
Location: The Arts House

Event Overview

The Platinum Event of the Year is a prestigious, annual even targeted at the American Express top tier HNW card members (Centurion & Platinum charge card). The by-invite only event is regarded as a highlight on the card members annual calendar with max 1000 RSVP places available. 

For this year’s event, we are embracing the bicentennial on Mother’s Day together with a partnership with the Singapore International Festival of Arts. As such, we are taking over both The Arts House & Timbre venues for this high level event and will bring together a curated collection of Singapore’s artists and artisans, music, performing arts and culinary delights for a spectacular customer engagement. All the contents are specially selected and curated for its uniqueness and quality. 

Team Artists involved

  • John

  • Nichole

  • Nathaniel

  • Rachel

  • Aubrey

  • Eunice