Scribblers Collective

Our Scribes


Listed are our scribes and letterers who are key to the growth of our collective. They are usually based in countries as stated beneath their names, although they do travel, work and collaborate with artists, groups, businesses and brands around the world.


Sarah Ko
Copperplate, Modern


English Roundhand


English Roundtext, Spencerian



Aubrey Ilarde


Rachel Koh
Modern, Watercolour
Singapore / Malaysia


Joyce Lee
Modern Calligraphy
Singapore / UK


Charlotte Xu
Copperplate, Spencerian
Australia, Melbourne



Our Letterers


Nathaniel Ong
Hand Lettering


Mye De Leon
Hand Lettering
Manila / Singapore




The Scribblers Collective Mentorship Programme


While we only accept skilled scribes, calligraphers, and hand lettering artists into the collective, we occasionally take on mentees who wish to further their knowledge and expertise in calligraphy or hand lettering. A strict selection process is put in place to ensure only those who are serious about the art are admitted into the program. 

The training programmes are categorised into two types: One month long programme or a year-long programme

After being selected, initiates will be given a set of tools to practice with. Through constant coaching, they will hone their skills both mentally and physically over time. 

Once training is complete, mentees will have to complete a completion piece. Mentees under the year-long programme may be given simple commercial jobs to fulfill, under the guidance of a mentor.