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Are you looking for a scribe to pen a letter to someone close to your heart? Perhaps a calligrapher to write your favourite quote so that you can hang it on your wall?

Our services include custom cards (birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions), love letters, wedding vows, and quotes.

Due to the nature of this service being low quantity, shipping rates may apply. Meet-ups are possible as well. 

*Cards and finished pieces come with envelopes (if applicable) and protective matte glaze. Please contact us for more details.

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  • Handwritten letter 
  • Custom Greeting cards - Festive Seasons i.e Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year etc. 
  • Custom Congratulatory/Occasion Cards - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings etc.
  • Wedding Vows
  • Personal Quote/Mantra 
  • Baby Announcement Cards
  • Custom Calligraphy Red/Green Packets for Weddings.

Design Process

  1. Understand the range of common styles that we do: Calligraphy & Hand-Lettering
  2.  Do not feel limited by our samples. If you have any images that you found on the net (i.e. Pinterest), save the images and keep them in a folder. Share your Pinterest board URL or your image folder with us to understand your writing style and the overall aesthetic preferences.
  3. If undecided, it is completely fine. Let us give you advice on the type of style that would work well for the purpose of your project.
  4. If your timeline allows and would like to see our writing samples, we are happy to send you small quantities to your residence at a small fee.
  5. Upon confirmation of project, 50% non-refundable deposit needs to be paid upfront. (via bank transfer/online payment).
  6. We will place your project on our schedule and will provide you with an estimated project start and end-date.
  7. Items will be delivered to you preferably via mail (small orders) or meet ups can be arranged.


  1. For most personal projects, we will be providing writing paper due to the low order quantity but if you are providing us specific writing paper , please account for writing mistakes (although rare, but may happen) and provide us 20% extras. In the situation where you will not be providing us extras, we will try our best to minimise errors but are not held accountable for the lack of writing stationeries should writing mistakes occur. 
  2. Most Weddings/personal projects our team take on are confirmed at least 1-month prior. This allows us to allocate a specific time period on our schedule dedicated to your project.
  3.  If you are sending in an enquiry for a rushed job, we will try our best to put you on our schedule but please understand if we have to refuse as we might be working on projects for other couples/clients who have confirmed their projects with us months prior. Their projects are equally important to us!
  4.  Any rushed job (Completion to be within 5 working days) will incur additional fees as members may have to cancel or push away personal commitments already scheduled prior.  (If our team member happen to have a free slot on their schedule, and with their approval, rushed job fee can be waived.) 
  5. Prior/at the point of item delivery, payment needs to be paid in full (after deducting the non-refundable deposit).